VITTA Technical Conference – Slide Decks

This week I was pleased to present three sessions on Configuration Manager 2012 at the Technical Conference component of the VITTA education conference: Reign of the Cloud.

It was great to present to such an engaged and engaging audience, all of whom had great, relevant questions. It absolutely made it a highly enjoyable presenting experience […]

How To: Build and Capture in Configuration Manager 2012 using HTTPS

One of the major changes in Configuration Manager 2012 is that the old Mixed and Native modes in CM07 are gone. Instead, CM12 does the vase majority of its communications using HTTP and HTTPS, and the CM12 site is configured on installation to use either a mix of both protocols, or HTTPS only.

In the […]

“Unable to read task sequence configuration disk” in SCCM OSD

2014-10-15 10:28:50 […]

MDT 2012 Boot Image creation error in SCCM 2012

So – MDT 2012 is out and, as I explored in a previous post, it integrates nicely with SCCM 2012 RC.

If you jump into the administration console and try to make an MDT-based boot image, you will probably encounter this error:

“Could not find a part of the path ‘C:ToolsPEToolsx86WinPE_FPs’” or “Could not find […]