Running a virtual Domain Controller

One of the things I’ve been prevaricating about with the new Hyper-V system at home is whether or not to join the host server to the virtual DC which in turn hosts the Active Directory forest and domain for the lab environment.

Running a virtual DC in either a production or a lab environment isn’t […]

My Hyper-V Beast

Because I now do so much work from my home office, I needed to ramp up my capacity for running up test servers and labs. I have a couple of test machines, but when you’re running up environments which need a few servers to support them (SCCM testing, for example), single machines don’t really cut […]


Behold – the very first post of my brand-new blog!

I decided to set up James Bannan IT partly in response to my recent inclusion in the Microsoft DPE Evangelism Academy (more details here) and also from some excellent advice from Chris Moore, who presented to a group of us Melbourne MVPs late last year. […]