MDT 2012 Boot Image creation error in SCCM 2012

So – MDT 2012 is out and, as I explored in a previous post, it integrates nicely with SCCM 2012 RC.

If you jump into the administration console and try to make an MDT-based boot image, you will probably encounter this error:

“Could not find a part of the path ‘C:ToolsPEToolsx86WinPE_FPs’” or “Could not find […]

Integrate MDT 2012 with SCCM 2012

In case you missed it, the Deployment Guys recently announced the release of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2012 Beta 2. The latest release supports a raft of new features, including User-Driven Installation (UDI) and support for integration with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 RC, which is something that MDT 2012 Beta 1 couldn’t do.


Mainstream support for SCCM 2007 ending in 2013

So, as the title says, the Mainstream Support period for System Center Configuration Manager 2007 will end on 08/01/2013 (just under 14 months away). This is for ALL versions of the product – RTM, R2 and R3 and all service packs.

OK, 2013 is, like, sooooo far away. And even then, under the terms of […]

Deploy Windows 8 with SCCM 2012

Microsoft isn’t really ready to talk about this stuff yet (unfortunately) but as a System Center guy one my recent thoughts was “I wonder what MS used to deploy Windows 8 onto all those slates at Build?”.

I recall at TechEd Australia 2009 when MS used the pre-release of MDT 2010 to deploy Windows 7 […]

Sysprep/OOBE experience in Windows 8 Server

I recently fired up a couple of Windows 8 Server Hyper-V VMs to do some testing, and used a dynamically-expanding parent VHD with a couple of differencing disks to do so.

The process was pretty much exactly that of any other Windows operating system:

Install the operating system Patch/install stuff according to taste and requirements […]