New Pluralsight course – Azure Resource Manager Deep Dive

I’m very pleased to announce that my latest Pluralsight course has gone live – Azure Resource Manager Deep Dive.

I’ve been working exclusively with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) for a while now – it’s a great platform with a huge amount of depth and capability.

This is my third Pluralsight course, but my first Deep Dive – as such it took a lot of effort from my editor as well as the content reviewer, and I’m grateful as always for everyone’s efforts.

Check out the course here – //


2 comments to New Pluralsight course – Azure Resource Manager Deep Dive

  • Anand

    I am facing a weird error while doing one of your exercises. The copy function is not recogonized by Azure
    Snippet is below.

    “resources”: [
    “name”: “[concat(parameters(‘webAppNamePrefix’),copyIndex())]”,
    “type”: “Microsoft.Web/serverfarms”,
    “location”: “[parameters(‘webAppLocations’)[copyIndex()]]”,
    “apiVersion”: “2014-06-01”,
    “copy”: {
    “count”: “[parameters(‘webAppCount’)]”,
    “name”: “[concat(parameters(‘webAppNamePrefix’),’-webFarm-‘,copyIndex())]”

    “properties”: {
    “name”: “[parameters(‘webAppNamePrefix’)]”,
    “numberOfWorkers”: 1,
    “sku”: “[parameters(‘farmSKU’)]”,
    “workerSize”: “[parameters(‘farmWorkerSize’)]”
    “dependsOn”: [],
    “tags”: {

    Can you please help

  • Dimitar

    Hi James,
    I loved the course. I can`t get enough of the exercises.
    Could you touch on the domain join extension as a nested template in the future or the conversion of dynamic to static for private ip VM`s.

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