Learn ConfigMgr in a Month of Lunches Updated for Windows 10!

The latest Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) eBook has been fully updated!  The latest revision covers the latest version of Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1) and Windows 10.

There is one more revision planned, which is when the next version of Configuration Manager is released.  This is the revision which will be released in print.

Also, all of the PowerShell code, miscellaneous resources as well as the whole MDT Deployment Share have been made available via a Git repository, which you can access here: //github.com/jamesbannan/configmgr-month-of-lunches.

Sound good?  Well there’s more! The book is Deal of the Day today (31st August), so for a limited time you can pick it up for a whopping 50% off.  Just use the code dotd083115au when you purchase the MEAP at //www.manning.com/books/learn-configmgr-2012-in-a-month-of-lunches.  The deal is also good for Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches (//manning.com/books/learn-sql-server-administration-in-a-month-of-lunches) and Learn Active Directory Management in a Month of Lunches (//manning.com/books/learn-active-directory-management-in-a-month-of-lunches).

Happy reading 🙂

17 comments to Learn ConfigMgr in a Month of Lunches Updated for Windows 10!

  • John

    Hello James,

    Will we have to wait for the Manning publication hard copy of this book when CM 2016 is released? Sure expected the hard copy after CM 2012 R2 & Windows 10 which is in the current MEAP v13 now.


    • James

      Hi John – we were waiting for the latest release of Configuration Manager (Build 1511) before releasing the book to production. Once Build 1511 was released (of both Configuration Manager and Windows 10) I updated the book completely, and it has just been released to production. Expect to see the hard copy soon. Thanks, James

  • bob frederick

    I build up the hydration kie for win 10 and successfully built the iso ran the iso but it left out the win 10 build and did not install software for config manager What did I do wrong? I am trying it again today

  • Jerry

    Client push fails, CCM Log gives —> Unable to connect to WMI (root\ccm) on remote machine “Client01.corp.viamonstra.com”, error = 0x8004100e.

    CM_CP is member of Domain Admins

    Firewall is turned off by Group Policy

    Not sure what else I’m missing

  • Ash

    Hi James,

    I’m trying to setup lab as per direction shown in the book. I’ve built hydration deployment share using hydration script and all went fine. I was able to generate ISO image as well and its about 13 GB of size. But when I try to setup VMs(DC01/CM01) using VMware player/workstation, I get an error and no task-sequence were shown in deployment wizard. Below is the error verbiage:

    “The deployment wizard was cancelled or did not complete successfully. the deployment will not proceed.” FAILURE 5206

    Please suggest if you’ve been through this error before and provide guidance.

    • James

      Hi Ash – I haven’t seen that exact error before, but whenever I’ve run in to problems with the lab creation process it’s always been down to the version of the ADK which has been installed. Make sure that you have installed the latest version of the ADK on the workstation which is running MDT, then regenerate the build ISO again. See whether that fixes the issue for you.

  • Hector Chazari

    I have the same issue that Ash mentioned, I have the latest ADK and still get the same error. I don’t know what else I’m missing here, it just fails when setting up a new Virtual Machine.

  • Hi James.

    I’ve had a pretty successful experience with the hydration kit but do have a couple of errors in regard the Set SQL Server Memory, MP name must be set in an environment variable and some other errors. Is there a way I can upload the logs so that you may review them? I’m happy to send via sharefile if that works for you.

    Thank you.

    • Greg S

      I am having the same issues. I am able to build DC01 without issue; however, CM01 fails every time.

      I tried posting the contents of the “results.xml” file, but I’m not sure if it’s being filtered by WordPress.

    • Chris S

      Just got this error myself. Did anyone else figure it out?

      • Frank L

        I’m having this issue as well. Is there a resolution? Can anyone spare some time to try and give me a hand with getting CM01 setup?

  • Johndonnelly

    Hi James,

    I am just starting the sccm course and have downloaded the software for the deployment share to create the ISO.

    I have a question not being that used to powershell scripting how do I change the working folder to the run the script to create the MDT share.

    kind regards

  • Marshall

    Hello James,
    I am new to this whole process. I read chapter 2 twice. I get errors all over my Win 8.1 laptop in PowerShell when I run the hydration script. You explain about creating VM’s PG 10 then you talk about downloading software. Then you talk about Install and configure MDT 2013 (Host or VM?). Then you talk about your Hydration configuration script, then you talk about Build the virtual machines PG 19. I am pretty sure I am missing something. Can you please confirm am I to install the ADK RTM or 1511 and MDT 2013 Upadte2 on my host first? Or does the hydration script create everything even setting up the vm’s in hypper-v or do I create 3 new VM’s in hyper v then run the hydration script. or do I do both. The way I have comprehended this does not seem to be in sequential order. I comprehended that I am to install ADK not sure which one RTM or 1511 and MDT 2013 update 2 on host then run hydration script. Help.

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