VITTA Technical Conference – Slide Decks

This week I was pleased to present three sessions on Configuration Manager 2012 at the Technical Conference component of the VITTA education conference: Reign of the Cloud.

It was great to present to such an engaged and engaging audience, all of whom had great, relevant questions.  It absolutely made it a highly enjoyable presenting experience 🙂

Some people were requesting the slide decks, so here they are:

  • Session T202 – Windows Deployment with Configuration Manager 2012 – Introduction.  Click here.
  • Session T301 – Windows Deployment with Configuration Manager 2012 – Advanced.  Click here.
  • Session 504 – Application Management with System Center 2012.  Click here.

2 comments to VITTA Technical Conference – Slide Decks

  • Hi James,
    On what was suprisingly a fairly lame VITTA compared to previous years,(it may have just been the Technical Session) your sessions were a highlight as I brought some of my IT team in the hope of introducing them to SCCM thru attending your sessions. They were all impressed as I know some of my fellow Tech Support for Schools Program (TSSP)Support Technicians were also especially due to the fact that the DEECD has licenced SCCM 2012 and a few others from the SC family.
    Your presentations were easy to follow, relevant, had real life examples and with your experience in the education sector it was great to attend session T301 and 504.
    Further to that, we are considering contacting your company re advice pre rolling out our sc 2012 OS’ server apps as we shift from the 2007 and 2008 versions.
    Well done James and thanks !!

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