Run SCVMM Console from a non-domain workstation

OK…I have a teensy confession to make.  The title of this blog post is a little misleading because at this point in time you can’t install the SCVMM Console on a non-domain-joined workstation.  Domain membership is checked before the installer runs, and so far there’s no way to bypass this.

In general, an SCVMM system is always going to be deployed in an AD environment, but in my case while my home Hyper-V environment is indeed part of a domain, my workstation isn’t.  I don’t really want to have to remote into the SCVMM server to launch the console, so what options are available?

Well, it’s a bit of a cheat, but it so happens that the host Hyper-V server is also running a few Remote Desktop role services in order to be able to provide RemoteFX functionality to client VMs.  By extending this functionality (which also involves installing IIS), I enabled RemoteApp on the host server, installed the SCVMM Manager Console and configured it for RemoteApp functionality.

The results? Pretty much perfect.  The RDP client passes whatever credentials are specified to the RemoteApp server, so there’s no issue with accessing domain resources from a non-domain workstation.  The only downside is that because RemoteApp sessions don’t support desktop composition, there’s no support for Aero Glass:

RemoteApp SCVMM Console

The other benefit is that as a RemoteApp application, the SCVMM Console is also accessible externally via RD Gateway – always useful 🙂

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