Behold – the very first post of my brand-new blog!

I decided to set up James Bannan IT partly in response to my recent inclusion in the Microsoft DPE Evangelism Academy (more details here) and also from some excellent advice from Chris Moore, who presented to a group of us Melbourne MVPs late last year.  Basically, although the content on my personal blog is OK it’s all a bit vague and directionless, and the results of that are blindingly obvious from the traffic stats (which are so low they’re not worth discussing).

So, here is James Bannan IT – 100% technical with no personal musings.  And yes, it does look remarkably like my personal blog, but I plead of ignorance of web design.  Over time I will invest more into the aesthetics, but for now it’s just good to have a spot dedicated to the technology which makes enterprise IT such a diverse and challenging (yet fascinating) area.

Enjoy, and please send me your feedback 🙂

6 comments to Introducing!

  • Kent

    Ohhhhh, no more skull??? Fair call. Good luck with the new direction mate.

    • James Bannan

      Thanks! I’ll keep the Skull up and running (at least, that’s the plan) 🙂 Just need to separate out the projects into areas of relevance.

  • Well done mate – and good luck with the new blog. ^MW

    • James Bannan

      Thanks Mark!

      • hi. love your site, so easy to navigate with a screen reader, jaws for windows i am using. and i am a it student studying certificate iv help desk, and now interested in windows 7, windows server, virtual machines, my sql, web design, visual web developer. any good tutorials or looking for pod casts. cheers Marvin. ps: i am in devonport, tasmania, australia, the little island at the bottom of australia, an not from new zealand.

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